reclaiming your indigenous soul

Almost all of our ancestors have been tribal people. For hundreds of thousands of years, we were organised in solid social structures, deeply rooted in meaningful cultural and spiritual traditions. The culture was a culture of connection, connection with the tribe, the ancestors, the traditions and with nature. Connection was a prerequisite for survival, which was only possible in bands of reliable mutual support and being utterly in tune with nature, where all sustenance came from in the olden days without the padding of civilisation. Only in the last few hundreds or few thousands of years, depending on where we come from, our ancestors have diverged from their traditional path. Our culture has increasingly become a culture of separation. Our tribal cohesion has degraded to neighborhoods and our cultural and spiritual traditions weakened to a degree, where they have become easily interchangeable or are thrown overboard altogether. We are highly mobile and not connected to our place of birth anymore nor the place where our ancestors lie. 

Of course this is neither inherently good nor bad, but it has consequences. One of them being our seeming indifference to the rapid and ongoing degradation of our habitat. In just a few hundred years we have triggered the sixth mass extinction which could well mean our own demise. 

This freedom to choose our culture in a way which was not possible in the olden days, is a big chance. We can create a culture that is deeply meaningful for us and leads to the results we want to see you in our lives. 

We can choose a culture of connection. Our current culture of separation is only a thin veil covering what is biologically and evolutionary appropriate for us. Indigenous simply means “born into”. What connects us to nature, our family, extended family, ancestors, etc. is not lost, it is still present in all of us and can be reclaimed. How? This will unravel itself in the course of this 6 weeks training and be our challenge and journey together.