Levi spoke about his connection to the land through a diet of wild medicinal edibles. We then foraged alongside Levi while he guided and informed us of the particular medicinal properties of each wild edible we came across. The workshop was useful and informative and I enjoyed Levi’s grounded energy.

Aniquah Stevenson 04/26/2019

I really enjoyed Levi’s "Food as Medicine" workshop. I learned so much about human history in relation to food, and the delicious healthy opportunities at my feet. What I enjoyed most was the way I did not feel like a student being taught; Levi shared his knowledge with us and welcomed conversation and feedback at all times. It hugely increased the authenticity of the experience, thank you, Levi.

Davina Funkadelia 04/26/2019

Levi's authentic, kind and present way of facilitating the workshop "food as medicine" was a perfect medium for me for learn more about wild plants.

Jenny Kieshauer 04/27/2019

Levi's great knowledge and living example inspired me to eat more locally and wild. I recommend his workshops!

Pierre 04/27/2019