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Kia ora!

Nature pulls us deeper into life. Connecting with the natural world connects us with ourselves too. My work is about nature connection, and I make use of my background as a professional actor, dancer, facilitator for personal development and my daily practice of living wild. There is a growing wave all over the world to live a more simple, sustainable and deeply connected life. Let’s surf that wave together!


A full day workshop on foraged food and how to prepare it

We live on a wild food diet and now present easy plant identification tips, explain health benefits and share our unique recipes in a full-day workshop. 
In a small group of only 12 people, participants identify over 30 different plants, taste them, and learn about their health benefits and medicinal properties. We share our experience living off the land and being connected with nature in all the seasons.
In a hands-on cooking experience, we offer different ways to integrate wild plants into a modern diet. 
“A fun, fabulous day packed with learning. Your diet may likely never be the same.” Ollie Langridge, Motueka Valley

“I made my first wild greens salad yesterday night! It made me so happy to be able to collect the plants knowing what they are and then eating them! I used yarrow, nasturtium, white clover flowers, narrow-leafed plantain, wild carrot, and some mint that I found. I mixed it with some olive oil and salt and tossed in some miso roasted broccoli and carrot- so delicious! Thank you for giving me the knowledge and experience to be able to do this.” Mica Erdmann, Nelson

$135 including lunch and e-booklets describing wild edibles and recipes for their use

Children between 8 and 12 pay half price ($67.50), teenagers 75% ($101.25). To book please send us an email via the contact form below.


    Creating fire “the old way” is a magic process. Friction fire is generally generated by the friction between two pieces of wood, one moving and one stationary. The bow drill is a method to get the spindle up to speed quite easily and can well be learned in a day.

    The Maori have used Mahoe (Whitey-wood) for their friction fires (but used a fire plow instead of a bow drill). In the course of this one day workshop, you will build your own bow drill from scratch and learn to use it. This includes collecting appropriate tinder.

    The magic doesn’t lie in the act itself, lighting a “primitive” fire triggers our ability to remember the old ways. I have experienced this myself, and many others have too.

    Light your fire!

    on the wild side

    nature connection intensive

    This nature connection intensive is about deepening our connection with nature and aiming at experiencing ourselves as part of the web of life.

    In the stillness of nature the mind settles down and becomes more silent, we can let go, relax, connect with our intuition and creativity. This state of reduced stress is healing for the mind, our emotions and physical body. 

    This week long immersion is an example of a sustainable way of living and can inspire us to simplify our lives. At the end of the week we will support each other to formulate concrete goals and strategies to implement our experiences into our daily lives, so we and nature will benefit from this nature connection intensive on a long term basis.

    Our time together is divided between learning and practicing skills, solo time and sharing. Also we dedicate time the elements to deepen our connection and understanding of earth, water, fire and air.

    Some of the skills we cover include basic orientation, healthy nutrition that is suited to our biology, wild greens, hunting, trapping and friction fire. You have the possibility to eat completely off the land if you wish.

    Solo time is dedicated for your personal connection with nature. You will establish a sit spot in which you can observe nature, animals, weather and plants. With a calm mind your awareness and understanding of the life cycles around us can grow further.

    Then there is time for sharing our adventures, insights, dreams and challenges. In the stillness of nature often a whole lot of undigested emotions can well up. This is a time for letting them be released and settle down. You can view our team and nature as a catalyst for personal disentanglement and growth. In this simple setting we can remember who we truly are. 

    If you long to connect deeper with nature and are 25-65 years old with average fitness, this is for you. Because we will be off track all the time surefootedness is important. If you are younger or older or unsure about your fitness, simply get in touch. I would like to connect via phone or skype, to make sure this is suitable for you before you book.



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    Alexandra Tylee
    Alexandra Tylee
    Recently I went over to Tui Community to participate in the much anticipated 'food as medicine' workshop curated by Levi Harrison. It was crafted to create a friendly foundation so we could comfortably interact and connect with depth, then he led us to more practical knowledge of edible weeds (mainly) and the benefits of these. It was organic, and authentic and the day moved fluidly with each persons influence. Looking forward to watching the expansion and progression as these workshops move forward into the future. Highly recommend if you want to connect more deeply to nature and her gifts.

    about me

    First and foremost I want to give gratitude to this planet. Without her sustenance and beauty, I would not be doing this.

    I walk the talk. Almost everything I eat I have gathered, hunted or fished. I live in a tipi in the bush and sleep on a bed I made from materials sourced within 20 metres. I get around by walking, and for longer distances I generally use my bike. But this hasn’t always been the case. In the past I lived in a city, in a flat with central heating. So I am able to bridge the worlds between the “primitive” and modern, and meet everybody where they are at on their own journey of nature connection.

    Nature connection is transformative. Since many years now I have been supporting people in actively creating their lives.

    What I am showing folk: being in nature is high-level fun and surprisingly easy. Sure there are things that we need to know and practice to look after ourselves, but if we know the basics we can get out there and connect with nature in a deep and joyful way, also with ourselves and anyone who might be with us.

    I deeply care for this planet and believe that if we live more simply, we can live healthier, happier and above all, preserve our beautiful habitat.

    What motivates you to connect with nature?


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    Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver

    Where are you on your personal journey towards living wild?

    Can I support you in any way? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch.