A full day workshop on foraged food and how to prepare it

We live on a wild food diet and now present easy plant identification tips, explain health benefits and share our unique recipes in a full-day workshop. 
In a small group of only 12 people, participants identify over 30 different plants, taste them, and learn about their health benefits and medicinal properties. We share our experience living off the land and being connected with nature in all the seasons.
In a hands-on cooking experience, we offer different ways to integrate wild plants into a modern diet. 
“A fun, fabulous day packed with learning. Your diet may likely never be the same.” Ollie Langridge, Motueka Valley

“I made my first wild greens salad yesterday night! It made me so happy to be able to collect the plants knowing what they are and then eating them! I used yarrow, nasturtium, white clover flowers, narrow-leafed plantain, wild carrot, and some mint that I found. I mixed it with some olive oil and salt and tossed in some miso roasted broccoli and carrot- so delicious! Thank you for giving me the knowledge and experience to be able to do this.” Mica Erdmann, Nelson

$135 including lunch and e-booklets describing wild edibles and recipes for their use

Children between 8 and 12 pay half price ($67.50), teenagers 75% ($101.25). To book please send us an email via the contact form below.