next culture village in Aotearoa

We are creating an edge worker village in Aotearoa (New Zealand) where we live a simple life in deep connection with ourselves, the land and the people as initiated adults and to be initiated children healing our relationships and the land.

By holding a clear intention and doing what is needed we build bridges into next culture for ourselves and people from other contexts, who can visit our village and bring “the gold” back home into their culture.

In this first stage of creating our village we are open for full-time residents, people who want to live and experiment with us for limited amounts of time and people who want to support the implementation of our vision financially.

If you are interested:


First and foremost I want to give gratitude to this planet. Without her sustenance and beauty, I would not be doing this.

I walk the talk. Almost everything I eat I have gathered, hunted or fished. I live in a tipi in the bush and sleep on a bed I made from materials sourced within 20 metres. I get around by walking, and for longer distances I generally use my bike. But this hasn’t always been the case. In the past I lived in a city, in a flat with central heating. So I am able to bridge the worlds between the “primitive” and modern.

I have learned that connecting deeply with nature opens myself to connecting with the people around me. There is no separation. I feel very passionately about how women and men relate in a healthy and loving way and am holding space for evolutionary processes of us men.

I have experienced different contexts of radical responsibility and am clear, that I want to live in a village based on that principle.