Wild Nourishment


Through my “Free Food” workshop my relationship with the land has deepened. I feel empowered by knowing what is wildly available to me for nourishment.

Jack Wolf

Fantastic workshop


A fantastic workshop that taught me about the quality and great quantity of available food. Food is all around us! Thank you for sharing your exquisite knowledge with us.


A fun, fabulous workshop


“A fun, fabulous workshop packed with learning. Your diet may likely never be the same.”

Ollie Langridge Motueka Valley

My first wild greens salad


I made my first wild greens salad yesterday night! It made me so happy to be able to collect the plants knowing what they are and then eating them! I used yarrow, nasturtium, white clover flowers, narrow-leafed plantain, wild carrot, and some mint that I found. I mixed it with some olive oil and salt and tossed in some miso roasted broccoli and carrot- so delicious! Thank you for giving me the knowledge and experience to be able to do this.

Mica Erdmann Nelson

Food as Medicine


Since I recently attended Levi Harrison’s workshop, “Food as Medicine”, a whole new world has opened to me. If you believe, like I do, that we are meant to be healthy and wholesome and live in harmony with nature, then this guy is for you. Nature provides so generously for us: you just need to know where to look. I found the workshop relevant, practical and altogether inspiring. Highly recommended to anyone interested in easy, affordable high vibration living!

Anna Maria

Alexandra Tylee
Alexandra Tylee
Recently I went over to Tui Community to participate in the much anticipated 'food as medicine' workshop curated by Levi Harrison. It was crafted to create a friendly foundation so we could comfortably interact and connect with depth, then he led us to more practical knowledge of edible weeds (mainly) and the benefits of these. It was organic, and authentic and the day moved fluidly with each persons influence. Looking forward to watching the expansion and progression as these workshops move forward into the future. Highly recommend if you want to connect more deeply to nature and her gifts.

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